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The objective in setting up this Company Policy is served as the governing guideline in operating the company’s business according to the Memorandum of Association. Though the objectives as given in the Memorandum of Association when first registering to the Ministry of Commerce on March 9, 1979 are quite diversify but the major activities of the company will be concentrated in refractory work, insulation work, and the associated works according to the requirements of bidding packages. Above all is to operate the company to the optimum benefit, to the fulfillment of contractual requirements, and to the satisfaction of customers. The Company Policy can be altered and/or changed according to the decision of the Board of Director. A revised Company Policy must be printed for making know to the company staff. The company’s major particulars will be given as below.

Company name (in English) : S.P. Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.

(in Thai) : ѷ . . 礤ҹ 繨 ӡѴ

Registered capital : 10,000,000.00

S.P. Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
800/75 Soi Trakulsuk
Asoke-Dindaeng Rd.   Dindaeng, Bangkok   Thailand.   10400  

Tel: (662) 246 5234  
Fax: (662) 246 5235  
E-mail: info@spmbk.com

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